Foiled ~ 2006 (Brando/Universal Records)

You Make Me Smile
She's My Ride Home
Into The Ocean
What If We Could
Hate Me
Let It Go
X-Amount of words
Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek
Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down
Everlasting Friend
18th Floor Balcony


Justin would like to thank:
Lisa Pepin for your sweet sweet soul and heart, Mom and Dad, Aunt Tito, Paul Nugent, Mike Swinford, Dale Brock, Ernie Diaz, Avery Lipman, my friend Chuck Reed, my boy Jose Alcantar, Patrick Sugg for the support and kindness, Dave Castell, Andy Sharpe, Imogen Heap, 50 Cent for your words of advice, all the staff at Universal for your dedication, Frank Palombi, Dave Downey, Mark Czarra, Stephanie Harty, Mel Lewinter, Doug Morris, Sylvia Rhone.

Ryan would like to thank:
I would like to thank my amazing mother and father for their never-ending support and sacrifice, they made everything possible, my brothers and sisters for their understanding of my absence in their lives, but most of all, to my loving wife Kimberly for always carrying the weight of another.

CB would like to thank:
I would like to thank my mother and father for their endless love and support, my loving girlfriend Anna, my brother for letting me play the guitar as loud as I wanted when we were kids, my sweet sister-in-law Allison and beautiful niece Payton, my three dogs Madison, B-Red and Rocky, all my boys in San Marcos, TX, my favorite bars Rocky La Rue's, J's Bistro and TAP Room, but most importantly all of the fans who are making our dreams come true!! I love you all.

Jeremy would like to thank:
I would like to thank my sweet, Meredith. I love you. Thanks for your faith in me and the band. Mom and Dad... you are always there. All my love. To my new extended family, Momma, Poppa and Stacy Cole, welcome to the circus. Ron, Kev, Mike and the whole San Marco Crew, you guys rock. Let's go fishing. Alan Adams, thanks for your friendship and delayed thanks for the use of your kit on H4S. Last but not least my big boy Mousse.

Matt would like to thank:
My entire family for supporting every decision, the Blue clan for never giving up on me, A plus for the brotherhood, HCWC for assuring me that I am not alone, Rainmaker for being so passionate, and all of my incredible friends who are too numerous to mention by name. I wish I could list in detail the way each and every one of you have affected me and given me unique gifts to make everyday special... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.