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FAQ-Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Blue October
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 11:30 pm    Post subject: FAQ-Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Blue October Reply with quote

The following is a list of frequently asked questions and information about Blue October. If you find errors or think of anything that should be added, please feel free to let me know. Enjoy!

1. Who is in Blue October and what instruments do they play?

Justin Furstenfeld - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (and piano on some recordings)

Jeremy Furstenfeld - Drums, backing vocals

Ryan Delahoussaye - Violin, Mandolin, Keyboard, Synthesizers, Vocals, Viola, Tambourine, Guitar

Matt Noveskey - Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Matthew Ostrander - Guitar

Yes, Jeremy and Justin are brothers.

2. Which band members are Cutters and which ones are Meho's?

I could tell you, but I'd have to cut you.

3. I've seen photos and videos of other people playing with Blue October. Who are they?

Former members:

C.B. Hudson was the lead guitarist from 2000 to 2011 and from 2013 to 2015.

Julian Mandrake was the lead guitarist for the Any Man in America Tour in 2011-2012 and also played Justin's guitar parts on the Foiled tour in 2006 while Justin was recovering from a broken leg.

Brant Coulter was the guitarist before C.B., he was in the band from 1999 through October 2000. He is the bald guy pictured with the band in the photos in the Consent to Treatment album sleeve.

Liz Mullally was the bassist before Matt, she was the original bassist of Blue October and left the band in 1998. She played bass on the Answers album and toured with Blue October from 1995 to 1998. A photo of her is included in the album sleeve of The Answers.

Dwayne Casey was the bassist after Matt left in 2002. He played bass on the History for Sale album and toured with Blue October in 2003 and played a song with Justin at a 5591 show in 2002. He left the band in late summer 2003 and was replaced by Piper Skih.

Piper Skih was the bassist after Dwayne left. She joined the band in August 2003. She played bass on the Argue With a Tree album. She left the band at the end of 2004. She can be seen on-stage with Blue October on the Argue With a Tree DVD.

notes: Matt was not in the band from 2003 to 2004, and prior to 1999 Justin was the only guitarist. Julian was in the band in 2006 to play guitar while Justin was injured. He rejoined the band in 2011 to replace C.B. Justin played piano (Liz also played Piano on some songs) on The Answers album, and he also played piano on the song "It's Just Me" on the Foiled album. Sarah Donaldson played cello on Foiled.

A timeline of their albums and band members is here.

Other friends who have joined Blue October on stage include:

Chris Daughtry - He joined Blue October to sing "Hate Me" in 2014.

Jimmy Gnecco - singer for the band Ours. He joined Blue October to sing on the song "Blue Does" at several shows in 2009.

Jon Foreman - singer for the band Switchfoot. He joined Blue October to sing on the song "Picking Up Pieces" at several shows in 2009.

Bruce - guitar technican for Blue October, played guitar for Justin at a few shows in late October and early November 2006.

Zayra Alvarez - she sings on the song Into the Ocean on the Foiled album, and also sings on the song Come in Closer on the History for Sale and Argue With a Tree albums. She also sang on Come in Closer at a few shows besides the Argue With a Tree show, notably the album release shows in 2003 for History for Sale as well as the back-to-back shows in Austin in April 2009. Her band Pretty Baby opend for Blue October in 2008, and Piper Skih was the touring bassist in Zayra's previous band. Zyra also performed Blue October's song "Razorblade" on the TV show "Rockstar: Supernova"

Patty Lynn (of The Soldier Thread) has joined Blue October to sing the song "The Followthru." She also sings on The Followthru on Blue October's album "Any Man in America."

Ashleigh Stone has joined Blue October to sing the female vocals on The Followthru

Ray Cordero has joined Blue October on the song "Any Man in America"

Sean Smith (of Sly Letter) - Joined Justin on the song "Drop" at a show in 2002.

Jeff Crowder (of Deep Ella) - Justin's former roommate and the frontman of the band Deep Ella. He has joined Justin on stage at some 5591 shows.

Joseph King (of Canvas and Deadbeat Darling) - Former frontman of the band Canvas and current frontman of the band Deadbeat Darling. Justin has sung songs on stage with Canvas, and Joseph has sung songs with Justin at 5591 shows.

José Abundez - Blue October's former tour manager would play guitar during some songs before Brant joined the band, Jose also co-wrote the song "The Fern" with Justin.

Aaron Belcher - Blue October's drum technican has joined the band, most notably on the song Let it Go. He is also playing drums during part of She's My Ride Home soundcheck on the Argue With a Tree DVD.

Candi Sanders (of Alpha Rev and Candiland) has joined Blue October as a backup vocalist.

Mark Johnson - has played piano on the song 18th Floor Balcony with Blue October. He joined Blue October at their back-to-back shows at Stubb's in Austin in November 2006.

Steve Schiltz (of Longwave, Scout and Hurricane Bells) has joined Blue October to sing on "Into the Ocean" and Justin, Jeremy, Ryan, and Alski have joined Steve, Ashen Keilyn (of Scout ), and Daniel Orvik (of Stars of Track and Field) to play several songs in 2010. Steve also plays guitar on Blue October's album "Any Man in America". Steve has also joined Blue October on stage to play guitar on "Bleed Out" and Steve has a band with Matt, Jeremy and Justin called Harvard of the South.

Alan "Alski" Adams (of Flywater Wahington, Falling Jupiter and A+ Machines) - has played bongos, floor tom, tambourine, and other various percussion instruments as well as guitar with Blue October. He also has played guitar with Justin on the song "Sac Lunch" which he and Justin wrote.

Tim Palmer has joined the band on stage to play guitar on "The Chills"

Chris Phillips of IAMDYNAMITE has joined Blue October on percussion, notably on the song "The Getting Over It Part".

Matt and Julian have joined IAMDYNAMITE on their song "Annie".

Matt has also played bass with Stars of Track and Field.

Ryan has played violin with the band "People in Planes" on the song "Falling by the Wayside", and also played with the bands "Hurricane Bells", "Shiny Toy Guns", and played violin on the song "We Call This Dancing" by the Parlotones, and with the band "Ours" on their song "Murder." Ryan has also joined The Soldier Thread on stage both when they opened for Blue October and when they played shows in Austin. Justin has sung the songs "Keeper of the Moon" and "All About You" (the latter of which he co-wrote) with the band "Canvas." Ryan Smith has joined Justin and Ryan acoustic shows. Justin has also joined the band "Sponge" on stage to sing a song when Blue October opened for them. Justin and Jeremy have both joined the band Longwave on stage, and Steve Schiltz from Longwave has joined Blue October as well. Jeremy has joined A+Machines (Matt and Alski's band) on percussion. Justin has also joined Switchfoot on state to sing their song "This is Your Life." Justin has also joined Zeale's band on stage to sing with them on their song "Invisible Prisons" - Justin also sings on the studio version of that song.

Kids who have joined the band on stage:

On July 4, 2006 at Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas, Lasvegasbluefan's son was brought up on stage to sing a song with Blue October. Photos are here, and a video is here.

Logan Palomo of Houston, Texas was attacked by a pit bull and required hundreds of stitches. In a television news story (see here) the boy is shown singing along to "Into the Ocean." Jeremy and Justin's dad saw the story on the news and forwarded it to the band. When the band came back to houston to play at Sam Houston Race Park on August 4, 2007, they gave Logan and his family tickets to the show, invited them back stage, and Logan even got to join the band on stage to sing "Into the Ocean". See photos here.

Preston Hatem (son of Blue October's tour manager Travis Hatem) has joined the band on stage on two different occasions. At a show at Whitewater Amphitheater in 2007 Preston came out and danced with the band during X-Amount of Words, and at the Whitewater show on July 4, 2008 Preston again came out during X-Amount of Words and played guitar. Photos are here, and here

At a show in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on August 29, 2009, a 12-year old boy named Indigo was invited on stage to sing "Jump Rope" (see article here)

Matt Noveskey's daughter Avery was on stage with the band during the song "Jump Rope" at their show in Austin, Texas March 18, 2011.

At a show at Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado on December 9, 2014 a girl named Ciara Moore was invited on stage to sing with the band during the song "Clumsy Cardhouse".

(there have probably been many more, these are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head)

4. Where is the band from?
The band is originally from Houston, but is now based in San Marcos and Austin, Texas

5. When did they become a band?
In Fall of 1995.

6. Where does the name "Blue October" come from?
When asked this question during an interview, Justin replied,
"Awhile back I wasn't such a good guy. I was dabbeling in stuff I shouldn't have been dabbeling in...more like living in stuff I shouldn't have been living in. I just kind of wanted to make something good out of the negativity. It was this certain month, the low of all lows, it was October, and I said man I've got to do something with my life rather than sit on the couch and do this stuff all day long, so I talked to my boy Ryan and Jer and we started playing with Matt and C.B. and now we're a big hit."

During an interview in 2004, Justin said this when asked the origin of the band name:
Well actually it had to do with relationships, it had to do with drug abuse, it had to do with a lot of things that weren't going really straight in our lives around eight years ago, and we had to make a decision whether to follow down that self-destructive path or get off our butts and do something with our lives and this career. So about eight years ago we chose to just really get ourselves healthy and try to make something of ourselves. Everybody has to choose that time when it's time to grow up. It was a month of realization. It was a year of horrible things, relationships and partying way too much. And then come that October I sat down with my family and I was like "I'm going to do this, and you don't have to worry about me, I've got my head on straight."

An article on themusicedge.com said this of the Band's name:
The name Blue October in and of itself is one of the best ways to describe their music. Kind of moody and poetic, a name inspired by a stint in the hospital one October. "I wasn't right in my own head and so it was either a choice of getting cool with yourself and the people around you and being an honest good person or going down the wrong path," Justin says, "So I chose this as a vessel to prove myself to myself, I guess."

An article in the Lubbock Daily Toreador stated:
The name Blue October came from the general mood of the band members in fall of 1995 when everyone first came together, Furstenfeld said.

"A lot of the band members were dealing with their own issues that weren't the happiest and uplifting things," he said. "Someone suggested Blue October and it just seemed to fit."

That name and the attitude overlapped into the band's music. Furstenfeld said their music is not always the happiest of sorts and the name reflects that.

In another interview Justin stated:
We were doing a lot of drugs and bad things because we thought that's what music was all about. My heroes were people like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith, and they're all gone from suicide or drugs. As I abused drugs I realized they were driving me nuts. I was doing crazy drugs when I was 21, and in October of that year I realized I had to clean myself up and do something positive. That's when our lives changed.

When asked about the Band's name, Jeremy had this to say:
Way, way, way back in the day, we formed in the fall, around October. For us, with the leaves changing colors in autumn, fall was always a time of change. And there was lots of stuff happening, changing at the time, for us, too. We were starting to become men. We were dealing with what we wanted to do with our lives. We said it's just blue, Blue October. It was perfect.

When asked the question during an interview in November 2006, Matt said
When the band started it came about in the month of October in 1995 or 1996. Two of the band members started it, Justin (Furstenfeld, lead vocals) and Ryan (Delahoussaye, violin). Some heavy stuff was going on that month and I think "blue" was the color that painted the picture for what kind of month that was. What's kind of ironic is, for the band as a whole, October seems to be the most eventful month for the band for some reason.

From the Fall 2000 edition of Texas Muisc:
In October 1995, Justin Furstenfeld had a life-changing revelation sparked by the dissapointment of a collapsed relationship and the acceptance of grown-up responsibilities.

"I just had a real bad month." says the now 24-year old singer-songwriter of the Houston band Blue October. "It's like one of those months when you realize that you either have to change your act, get your shit together or you're not going anywhere."

From Furstenfeld's epiphany came a period of soul searching, poetic expression, therapy, and then inspiration. His inspiration formed a band that has received numerous local accolades and cultivated a strong following in only a few years. "I made a decision that October that I needed to grow up, so I called the band Blue October," Furstenfeld says, "It was the saddest month of my life, but it was also a stepping stone. I knew I had to name this project after that."

During a radio interview on June 19, 2007 Justin was asked the origin of the band name. His answer:
A long time ago when I first got out of high school it was in October that I had to go stay at a hospital because I wasn't doing too well mentally and so I had to go have a little stay in a little institution there for a little bit when I was a younger kid, like some kids have to do, and it was October. So when I got out, I was like "You've got to do something positive with this depression and try to making something good out of it." So I started writings songs.

7. What brand of instruments and equipment do the guys use?
Justin's guitars:
Ibanez Artstar blonde hollowbody.
Alvarez acoustic guitar
1987 Fender Telecaster
1994 Fender Jaguar
1994 Gretch Country Gentleman
Justin's guitar amplifier: Vox AC30 CC2 2x12 Combo
Justin's pedals: Boss DD-6 Digital Delay, Boss Phase Shifter, Marshall Guv'nor, Ibanez Tube screamer
Justin also uses an Akai MPC 5000 Music Production Center

Justin uses D'addario guitar strings.

C.B.'s guitars:
Larivee Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Custom (black)
Paul Reed Smith early 90s McCarty
Taylor Doyle Dykes custom acoustic
C.B. also has the Gibson Flying V guitar.
C.B.'s guitar amplifiers: C.B. used to use a Vox AC30 hand-wired head, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier into 2 1960 Marshall Vintage 30 4x12 cabinets. He has also used a Marshall JCM 900 as well as a Lexicon mpx550 dual channel effects processor, as well as a BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer, Roctron Hush, TC Electronics GeForce and a Mesa Semi Class 290 (for a dirty sound), and a GCX midi Patch Boy. C.B. also used Krank Amplifiers, but now it looks like he's using Fender Amps. C.B. is constantly trying new equipment and making additions and modifications to his rig. In this video C.B. talks about his amps and how he achieves his unique guitar sound.
C.B.'s pedals: Boss DD-6 Digital Delay, Boss Super Reverb, Boss Super Chorus, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Fulltone Fat-Boost, and Roctron All-Access midi foot controller.

C.B. uses D'addario guitar strings and In Tune Guitar Picks.

Matt's basses and guitars:
1957 Fender 57 p/j custom
1999 Fender Hot Rod P Bass p/j
2003 Lakland Duck Dunn P bass w/ bartolinis
Lackland Bob Glaub p/mm w/ basslines
Michael Kelly Club Custom Acoustic/Electric (4-string)
Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (5 string)
Warwick custom shop birdseye poplar thumb bass (5-string)
Michael Kelly Patriot Premium electric guitar
Fender Sonora acoustic guitar
Matt's Fender guitars:
Matt Freeman Precision Bass
Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic Guitar
Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass
American Standard Jazz Bass (5 String)
Standard Fretless Jazz Bass
American Standard Precision Bass
see pictures and to purchase the same guitars, see here: http://www.fender.com/artists/profile/136/

Matt's amps: Aguilar DB750 head, Aguilar AG500SC head, Aguilar AG 412 cabinet, Aguilar DB810 cabinet, Warwick Take 12 combo, Warwick Xtreme 10.1 head, Warwick WCA 411 cabinet, Krank Chadwick guitar head, Karank Rev Jr Head, Krank 410/212 bass cabinet
Matt's pedals: Tech 21 Sansamp Bassdriver DI, T-Rex Bassjuice Overdrive, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay (among others)

Matt uses black diamond strings and In Tune guitar picks. Here is the information about a few of Matt's guitars:

In an interview on Aguilar's website, Matt detailed his equipment setup for the Approaching Normal album and tour:
I use the DB 750 with a DB 810 and a Tone Hammer that I use all the time now "I just can't play without it! In the studio I also used an AG 500 SC and a GS 412 cabinet. I found the GS 412 to have tons of bottom-end yet a lot of punch. I probably ended up using the DB 810 on 25% of the record and the GS 412 on the other 75%. Live, I really love the DB 810. I used the DB 750 head on most of the tracks and the AG 500 on one song. I used just the Tone Hammer on two songs, Say It and Should Be Loved. "

You can even see the settings that Matt used at:

Ryan plays Epoch violins and violas which are custom built for him, Fender mandolins and In Tune plectrums. Ryan plays a Roland keyboard.

Jeremy uses a custom absolute maple Yamaha drum kit with Evans drum heads and Sabian HHX cymbals and Promark drum sticks (Promark is based in Houston). Some of his unique equipment: a saucepan, a skillet, a djembe, shakers, an oak piccolo popcorn snare, a Roland SPD-S sampling pad with an external pad. A Sabian alu bell, and a tambourine attached to his high hat stand.

8. I've heard of Last Wish, what's that?
The Last Wish was the band that Justin was in before Blue October. They released two albums: Rooftop Sessions and The First of February. Some Last Wish songs such as "Black Orchid" and "For My Brother" became Blue October songs. More info about The Last Wish is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Wish

9. I've heard of 5591 songs and 5591 shows, what's that?
5591 is the moniker Justin uses when performing solo. 5591 was his patient number while he was hospitalized.

10. Does 5591 tour nationally? When/where is the next 5591 show? Does Justin play Blue October songs at his solo shows?

Justin has played a few promotional solo shows for radio stations around the country, and he joined author Stephenie Meyer on her national book tour and played a few songs at each event.
So far full 5591 shows have only occurred in Houston, Austin and San Marcos, Texas (Justin and Ryan did play an acoustic show in Des Moines, Iowa once too). Traditionally, 5591 shows occur during long breaks in Blue October's touring, and have been announced on the open book message board. At his solo shows, Justin plays a mixture of songs that are unique to 5591 as well as songs that Blue October has played and recorded. He has also played some Last Wish songs.
Justin and Ryan played an acoustic tour in Germany and the UK in February and March 2012. Also on the last leg of the Any Man in America tour, Justin played a short 5591 set to open the shows. In 2013 Justin announced his first nationwide 5591 tour, and he is touring again in 2014.

11. Has Justin released any solo recordings?

The hidden track "It's Just Me" on the US version of Foiled and the hidden track "Calling You" on the Universal Records version of History for Sale feature Justin performing solo. Also the DVD that was included with the special edition of the book Breaking Dawn includes videos of Justin performing solo (click here to purchase). In 2014 Justin released a solo album Songs From An Open Book

12. I've heard of Harvest, what's that?
Before Blue October fully formed, Justin and Ryan played as a duet. They called themselves "Harvest". Ryan and Justin have occasionally played songs as a duet during encores at Blue October and 5591 shows.

13. Have the members of Blue October made music outside of Blue October?

Yes, C.B. has recorded songs on guitar (http://www.myspace.com/cbhiii)

Prior to joining Blue October, Matt played bass in several bands in Michigan, notably Love Muscle, Switch, Botfly, and Toast - the latter of which also included Matt's brother on drums. Matt also fronts a band called (a+)machines (http://www.myspace.com/aplusmachines) and he writes songs on his own and plays solo shows. Matt played bass on and produced The Selfless Season's album "The Mixlab Demonstration" and has since produced every one of that band's albums, becoming a quasi member of the band. Matt also co-wrote (with Ryan Holley) the song "Close Your Eyes" which appears on the CD "The World That Never Dies" by The Wartime Social, and he also recorded the song "So Good to be Alive" (which was originally an (a+)machines song) with The Wartime Social. Matt also has produced songs or albums for the following artists/bands: Aimless Gun, Blondes Make Better Victims, Wesley Lunsford, Darby, Five Dollar Friend, Courrier, Kiona, Language Room, Lambs to Lions, Adam Jermstad (Giants in the Earth), Cody Bryan, Reed Turner, Joshua Radin, Deep Ella, Selfless Season, The Vehicle Reason, A Letter of Warning, I Am Dynamite, Mahoney, CPX, Cavo, Manna, Moonlight Social, Mother's Anthem, The Strive, Tori Vasquez, Zenith Fuzzbomb, 23 Shades / Aaron Cuadra, Emphatic, George Aleman, Swimming With Bears, Quiet Company, Paco Estrada, Eyes Burn Electric, Nakia, Vinyl Pilot, MeridianWest, Dawn Over Zero, Jibe, Alpha Rev, and Pretty Baby (Zayra's band).
On many of the albums Matt produces, he plays bass and provides backing vocals and helps refine the songs.

Matt also formed a production company named "116 Producers" with producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian and has formed a partnership with Ryan Holley which creates music for commercials and soundtracks. Additionally he runs an A&R and artist management firm called Wanderlust A.M.P. to promote the bands and albums he produces and assist them with securing deals with record labels. Along with C.B. Hudson, he owns and manages Orb Recording Studio in Austin. (http://www.orbrecordingstudios.com)

In addition to his solo acoustic shows, Matt also plays acoustic shows with Ryan Holley, and other Texas musicians such as Johnny Goudie, Casey McPherson, Joseph King, Jeff Crowder, Lanky, Paco Estrada, Jacob Trevino and Wesley Lunsford. In 2011 Matt formed a new band called Lambs to Lions with Ryan Holley, Paco Estrada, and Fonz Lovelace. The band would meet at Matt's studio and write and rehearse songs. Over time, Matt found that he did not have time to devote to the band, so the other members decided to recruit former SouthFM bassist Dave Shafer and SouthFM guitarist Chad Abbott and have morphed the project into a new incarnation of SouthFM. Matt is also in a band called Harvard of the South with Justin and Jeremy and Steve Schiltz. Matt has played live shows with several bands including Paco Estrada, Alpha Rev, Megan Becker, and Stars of Track and Field
116's myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/116producers and Matt's myspace is http://www.myspace.com/nitfproductions

Justin has his solo side project 5591, and also co-wrote and sang backing vocals on the song "All About You" on the album Four Days Awake by Canvas. Justin also produced the song "Give" on Greatness in Tragedy's self-titled album, and plays harmonica on Hurricane Bells new album. As previously mentioned he was a member of The Last Wish and is currently a member of Harvard of the South. Recently Justin has written an as yet unpublished song with Jimmy Gnecco. Justin has also recorded an album's worth of hip hop influenced music, which is yet unreleased and is rumored to be collaborating with Paul Wall on a hip hop album. Justin sings on the song "Medusa" on Tarja Turunen's album Colours in the Dark and also sings on the song "Invisible Prisons" on the EP Frnz & Fngz by Zeale. Justin also sings on the song "When We Were Made" on Paco Estrada's album Bedtime Stories, which Matt produced.

Ryan is a violinist for hire, adding violin tracks to songs for other artists. He was also a member of the band Bayou Roux and played on their 1999 album "Pass the Rice". Ryan also played violin on the song "Love Him" on Language Room's 2009 album, as well as on six tracks on Cody Bryan's album "Wreck Me", both of which were produced by Matt. Ryan also co-wrote the song "Holding On" on Wreck Me with Paco Estrada and Matt Noveskey. He also played violin on the album "Paw" by the band Swimming With Bears, which was also produced by Matt, and played violin on an album by the band Fly Away Hero. Ryan has joined artists such as Jimmy Gnecco and The Soldier Thread to play violin during their concerts, and is a member of Shawn Pander's band. Ryan is also a teacher at the Austin High School For The Visual and Performing Arts. Ryan also occasionally plays violin at his family's church. In 2015 Ryan released a CD of instrumental songs called Tufstrings which can be purchased here: http://shop.bandwear.com/collections/tufstrings-shop/products/cd_tuf005

Jeremy is a member of Harvard of the South with Justin, Matt and Steve.

Julian was the lead guitarist for the bands Mother's Anthem, Canvas, Brother Love, Oynxx, Avenue For An Affair, and Crash The Stars. He is currently working on new music with bandmates from some of his past bands, specifically Scott and Brad from Canvas.

Piper was in the bands Avalon, Stone Culture, and Neurotica, and has played on several albums including: "The Pink Dream & Whip Cream" by Girl, "Peacepipe" by Poundhouse, "Boa Drape", "Riding" and "Go on Girl" by Psalm 69, "The Season of Our Discontent" by Bleeding Rita, "C is for Crazy" by Neurotica, and "Seed" by Stone Culture. An image of Piper also appeared on the cover of the Jay Quinn Band album "Believe", although she did not play on the album. Piper also was in Zayra Alvarez's touring band, playing bass, guitar, backing vocals and keyboard.

14. Has Blue October ever played a show in {city/state/country}? When are they coming back to {city/state/country}?

When Blue October is on tour, they tour 200 days per year. So far, they have played in USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia and Japan. They've played in every U.S. state except Wyoming. If you live in the USA and are patient, they will probably play a show near you.

For a list of cities and venues that Blue October has played, see here:
(note that compiling Blue October's tour history is an ongoing project. If you have information to contribute, please post on the appropriate timeline thread)

For the current official list of upcoming tour dates, go to http://www.blueoctober.com/site/tour

15. What are Blue October's musical influences?
There are several, and each member of the band has a unique musical background.
The band has a showcase radio station which plays their favorite music

The influences most often cited by Justin are Peter Gabriel and Morrissey & The Smiths. Justin has also mentioned Blue Miller, Eddie Vedder, R.E.M., Roy Orbison, Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen, Cowboy Junkies, The Cure, and Pixies as influences and he is a fan of 80's New Wave as well as Hip Hop - especially Kanye West, Akon, Drake, Jay Z, Li'l Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Paul Wall, Eminem, and 50 Cent. As far as guitar players, Justin has cited Kurt Cobain, Johnny Marr, The Edge, John Frusciante, David Gilmour, and Johnny Cash as artists and guitarists who have influenced him. Justin has also mentioned his grandfather, who played guitar, as an influence. Among Justin's favorite artists are: Idaho, Elbow, Longwave, Richard Hawling, Peter Gabriel, Muse, When In Rome, Paul Wall, Canvas, Deep Ella, Tom Waits, Fugazi, Kid Kudi, Sigur Rós, Ella Fitzgerald, Red House Painters, Kings of Leon, The Stone Roses, Silverson Pickups, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mylie Cyrus, One Republic, Justin Timberlake, Dark Horse, Daniel Johnston, A Perfect Circle, Alt-J, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Joy Division, Pixies, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Bauhaus, Trash Can Sinatras, Mazzy Star, Linkin Park, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Pete Yorn, George Whinston, Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, and Jean Michael Basquait. Basquait's influence can also be seen in Justin's paintings. Justin has also cited author Stephen King as an influence. After Michael Jackson's death, Justin publicly stated that Michael Jackson was a huge inspiration on him and the entire band, especially when they were kids, and that Michael Jackson was one of the reasons Justin became interested in being a musician, and that Blue October probably would not exist had it not been for Michael Jackson.

C.B. has mentioned Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson as influences. He also has been influenced by Jazz guitarists Norman Brown and George Benson. Other influences are Ottmar Liebert, Andy Timmons, David Gilmour, Strunz & Farah, Kirk Hammett, Randy Rhodes, George Lynch, Reb Beach, Vinnie Moore, Larry Mitchell, Paul Gilbert, and Marty Friedman. Growing up C.B. liked 80's metal that he saw on MTV, and has since been influenced by blues and jazz. Some of C.B.'s favorite artists are Matchbox 20, Pink Floyd, Molly Brown, Radiohead, Coldplay, David Beddingfield, Norman Brown, George Benson and Saliva.

Matt's bass playing was influenced by funk and motown sounds (he grew up in Michigan), specifically James Jamerson and Larry Graham (of Sly & The Family Stone). Matt grew up listening to Otis Redding, Al Green, Dead Kennedys, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Fishbone, Jane's Addiction, A Tribe Called Quest, and Pharcyde. Some of his favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, U2, Duran Duran, Midnight Oil, Sounds Under Radio, Alice in Chains, Lush, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Prince, Pixies, Björk, The Cooper Temple Clause, James Morrison, Remy Zero, and My Bloody Valentine. When asked which musicians he would most like to meet and have a beer with, Matt said James Jamerson and Neil Young. Matt has continually cited James Jamerson as his favorite bassist.

Jeremy grew up as a fan of country music, and is also a fan of Radiohead, Elbow, R.E.M., The Cure, Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Ray Lamontagne, Silversun Pickups, Stone Temple Pilots, Band of Horses, and Longwave. He credits Justin and Ryan with getting him interested in listening to music and playing music.

Ryan is a classically trained violinist and has been influenced by classical music and classical composers and also by violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. He has said that of the rock concerts he has attended, his favorites have been Nine Inch Nails, Blind Melon, Depeche Mode, and The Rolling Stones. Some of his favorite recording artists are Depeche Mode, Front 242, Cypress Hill and Miranda Lee Richards.

16. Are the band members married? Do they have kids?
All of the band members are married. Justin has a daughter named Blue Reed who was born May 22, 2007, and a daughter Sayde Bell who was born August 23, 2012, and a son Gunner Black who was born April 4, 2016. Matt has a daughter named Avery Grace who was born February 1, 2008 a son Liam Matthew who was born May 3, 2012, and a son Greyson Atley who was born December 28, 2015. Piper has twins: a boy, Seven and a girl, Ella who were born December 12, 2006. Julian has a son who was born in 2010 and also has a daughter who was born in 2012. C.B. has a daughter Elizabeth James who was born August 30, 2012 and a son C.B. Hudson IV born September 29, 2016. Ryan has two grown stepdaughters and twins, a girl Holyn who was born June 23, 2014 and a boy Fade who was born June 24, 2014. Jeremy has a daughter Lilah Rhea who was born September 23, 2014.

17. What are the band members birthdays?/Where were they born?
Jeremy October 8, 1974 in Houston
C.B. October 8, 1974 in Oklahoma City (he grew up in the Dallas area)
Justin December 14, 1975 in Houston
Ryan January 14, 1976 in Houston
Matt June 16, 1976 in Adrian, Michigan (he grew up in Traverse City, MI)
Julian was born June 23 in San Diego

No, that's not a typo. Jeremy and C.B. were born on the same day.

18. Did any of the band members go to college?
Jeremy attended Texas State University and was interested in becoming an Architect before he became a full-time musician.
C.B. graduated with a B.S. in psychology with a minor in business (he started out majoring in music) and was working on an MBA at Texas State when he joined Blue October.
Matt attended various colleges in Michigan and majored in English, was active in theater and was interested in going to film school and becoming a screen writer for movies and tv in addition to his musical pursuits.

Justin and Ryan didn't attend college, but they attended a private performing arts high school in Houston. Ryan was on a violin and piano scholarship and Justin was on a theater scholarship. They met while in high school.

19. What are the publishing names of the band members?
C.B.'s is Reflxblue Publishing LLC
Justin's is Paris on Paper, Inc.
Ryan's is RI ZA DE Publishing
Matt's is Not In The Face Productions
Jeremy's is Moussedogger Publishing
Julian's is Neardark Music

20. What albums have the band released?

Blue October has released the following albums:

The Answers (1998)
Recorded at Sound Arts Studio in Houston, Texas with producer Brian Baker and released on RoDan label. Re-released by Universal Records in 2008.
note: Two versions have been released. The original version is in a jewel case and contains a booklet. The re-released version is in a digipak and does not include the booklet.

Consent to Treatment (2000)
Recorded at Bay 7 Studios in Burbank, California with producer Nick Launay and distributed by Universal Records. Released August 2000

History For Sale (2003)
Recorded at Stomp Box Studios in Arlington, Texas and Sound Arts Studio in Houston, Texas with producers Justin Furstenfeld and David Castell and released by Brando Records in April 2003. Re-released by Universal Records in August 2003.
note: The original album contains a video of the band in the studio. The re-released version of the album contains an acoustic version of "Calling You" as a hidden track at the end of the album.

Argue With a Tree... (2004)
Recorded live at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas, Texas on June 4, 2004. Released by Universal Records in September 2004.

Foiled (2006)
Produced by Justin Furstenfeld and David Castell and released by Universal Records in 2006.
The American version has 13 tracks and includes "It's Just Me" as a hidden track at the end of the album. The European version has 15 tracks, but does not include a hidden track. There is yet another version that includes a re-recorded version of "Calling You" as a hidden track.

Foiled for the Last Time / Teach Your Baby Well Live (2007)
Includes the Foiled album plus a remix of Calling You and two remixes of X-Amount of Words. It also includes a live disc which was recorded at Stubb's in Austin, Texas on March 24, 2007. The album was released by Universal Records in September 2007.

Approaching Normal (2009)
Recorded at Pedernales Studios near Austin, Texas with producer Steve Lillywhite. Released by Universal Records: March 24, 2009.
note: The clean version of the album includes the track "Graceful Dancing", the explicit version of the album includes the track "The End"
The vinyl record version of the album includes the songs: Graceful Dancing, The End, Voice of a Friend, No One Listening, and 78Triple6

Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October (2011)
Recorded live at a series of acoustic concerts in Texas July 22-25, 2010
Distributed by Brando Records and released May 2011

Any Man in America (2011)
Recorded at Matchbox Studios in Austin, Texas with producer Tim Palmer. Released on Up/Down Records, Brando Records and distributed by RED Distribution.
Release date: August 16, 2011

Sway (2013)
Recorded in February/March 2013 at Fire Station Studio in San Marcos, Texas with producer David Castell, and released by Up/Down Records August 20, 2013.

Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas) (2015)
Recorded live in concert November 28-29, 2014 at House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. Released by Up/Down Records November 20, 2015.

Home (2016)
Recorded August thru November 2015 at the band's studios in Texas with co-producer Tim Palmer. Released April 22, 2016.

21. I'm unable to find {album title} in my local record store, where can I get it?


22. How many copies did each album sell?
Foiled has been certified platinum (1 million) and eventually sold about 1.7 million copies in the USA and Canada (100,000), and went gold in the UK and has sold over 2 million worldwide.. History For Sale has sold about 118,000 Allmusic.com (and other resources) reported that The Answers sold over 6,000 copies in Houston alone upon it's initial release. Since being re-released by Universal Records, it has sold around 100,000 copies. The Austin American Statesman reported in 2003 that Consent to Treatment sold 20,000 copies, and The Houston Press reported in 2005 that Consent to Treatment sold 70,000 copies. According to soundscan, Foiled for the Last Time sold 97,000 copies. Approaching Normal has sold about 120,000. Any Man in America sold well upon release and is continuing to sell well. It has sold almost 80,000 copies as of November 2011.

23. I've heard other songs that aren't on the albums. What gives?
Blue October has demoed songs that did not make it on an album. Examples of such songs are "Pigtail Pretty Baby" and "Still Broken"

There are also some songs that Blue October has played live that have not been on the albums. "Five Day Walk" and "$1.30 Gravy" are examples of such songs.

24. Live Audio Recordings, Video and Photos

24A. Has Blue October released any live recordings?

Yes. The Argue With a Tree and Foiled for the Last Time, and Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening With Blue October albums include live recordings. The Foiled Again EP and Live at Lollapalooza 2006 EP (both available on iTunes) also feature live recordings. They also released a live album/DVD called Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas) in 2015.

24B. Does Blue October allow the recording of their concerts?
Yes Blue October allows audio recording of most of their shows, see the recording policy here:
http://www.blueoctoberfan.com/openBook/viewtopic.php?t=7351 (note that the new tour manager is Jon Hanbury, not Scott Barnes)

Basically you can bring personal audio recording equipment, but nothing too professional, and definitely not anything that would block someone else's view of the show.

As far as trading recordings, you are allowed to trade with other fans, but posting recordings on websites for download by the public is not allowed.

24C. Where can I trade recordings of live shows?


Also, if you'd like to be on the mailing list for receiving recordings, send an email to blueoctoberbootlegs@gmail.com

24D. Does Blue October allow cameras at their shows?

Yes, you can bring cameras to most shows as long as they are not professional cameras (anything with removable lenses).

Video cameras are not allowed, but the band allows cell phones and cameras that can record short video clips, basically since not allowing these things would be impossible. Some venues do not allow cameras. If you have questions, contact the venue prior to the show to find out what their policy is.

25. What is {song name} about?
Each song has a different meaning to each listener. Feel free to discuss song meanings on the open book message board (perform a search first).

Justin has discussed the song meanings a few times. On the Argue With a Tree DVD, in the section "Sidewalk Chalk" Justin discusses the songs from the History for Sale album.

Justin discussed the songs on Approaching Normal here:
Weight of the World, Say It, Dirt Room, Been Down, My Never, Should Be Loved, Kangaroo Cry / Picking Up Pieces, Jump Rope, Blue Skies, Blue Does, The End

And Blue October has published a book called Crazy Making which contains lyrics for all the albums as well as notes from Justin about each song. You can purchase the book here:

26. Does Blue October still play {song name} during live shows?
Songs go through cycles. When the band is touring, they are usually promoting their latest album, and therefore more songs will be played from the latest album than from previous albums, however they do rotate in older songs from time-to-time. Justin created a thread on the open book message board asking fans what songs they'd like to hear. If you have a song request, you can post it here.
You can also tweet requests to @BlueOctober

27. Who is James?

Justin tells the story about James in his confession on the Confessions section of the Argue With a Tree DVD. Although James is not mentioned by name, he is the friend that Justin is referring to.

28. What are the 11 words he rehearsed to say to James?

Some fans have said the 11 words are "James how I love to hate you. James you fucking prick" Justin used to sing those words when performing the song.

29. Who is Libby?

A friend of the band who lived in San Marcos. When introducing the song during concerts, Justin has said he wrote the song about one of the coolest chicks he's ever met in his life.

30. What is HRSA?

High Risk of Self Abuse

31. What is PRN?

Pro Re Nata. In Latin it literally means "For the thing born," but is commonly used to mean "as needed" or "as the situation arises." PRN is a song that is played as the situation arises, hence the name.

32. What does C.B. stand for?

Charles Britton

33. What does "MR" stand for on the money that Justin burns in the Dirt Room video?

Michael Rand. He was Blue October's manager/agent from 1999 to 2001. Justin explains the story behind the song in his book "Crazy Making."

34. Who is singing backup vocals on the song Overweight?

A gospel group from Austin.

35. Who is singing backup vocals on the song Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek?

Kirk Baxley of Mother's Anthem (formerly of Greatness in Tragedy)

36. Who is singing backup vocals on Balance Beam and The Answer on Consent to Treatment?

Ryan Smith

36. Who is singing backup vocals on Come in Closer and Into the Ocean?

Zayra Alvarez

37. Who is singing with Justin on Congratulations?

Imogen Heap

38. Who is reciting Retarded Disfigured Clown on Consent to Treatment?

Blue Miller

39. Who is playing flute on Come in Closer and Three Weeks, She Sleeps?

David Castell

40. Who is the girl on the cover of Approaching Normal?

Her name is Kathryn Olsen. She's a model and actress. Her profile is here: http://www.tagtalent.com/Main.php?Region=Tx&Branch=Main&Entry=Talent&TCode=KO03

41. Has the band released any videos?

Yes, they have released MTV style videos for the following songs (click on the song title to view the video):

Sweet and Somber Pigeon Wings
Calling You (2003 original)
Calling You (2007 remix)
Hate Me
Into The Ocean
Dirt Room
Should Be Loved (1)
Should Be Loved (2)
Say It
Jump Rope
Feel Again (Stay)
The Chills
The Worry List
Bleed Out

They have also releaseds two live concert DVDs:
Argue With a Tree which can be purchased here:
Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas) which can be purchased here:

42. What awards has the band received?

The band has received several Houston Press music awards including Best New Act (1998) Best Pop/Rock artist (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003). Album of the Year (History for Sale 2003) They also came in second in voting for best concert in Austin in 2004 by the readers of the Austin Chronicle (David Bowie was 1st place).

Their album Sway was voted second best album of 2013 by German magazine Kulturnews, funny enough tying with David Bowie.

Sway also won Reader’s Choice for Best Album in the Austin Music Blogger Awards

In 2007 Blue October's "Hate Me" video was nominated for a MuchMusic video award in the category of Best International Video (this is the Canadian equivalent of an MTV video award nomination).
In 2011 the band was presented with the key to the city by the mayor of San Marcos and has a street named after the the band in San Marcos.
Ryan also won numerous music competitions with his violin playing.

The video for Into the Ocean reached #1 in VH1's "V-Spot" countdown.

The song "Feel Again" reached #1 on the A-List on BBC-2 Radio.

Blue October's song Hate Me reached #2 on the Billboard Modern Roch Chart, and was the most added and most requested modern rock song in the United States.

The album Foiled has achieved Gold and Platinum status in the United States and Canada.

Blue October's song "Jump Rope" was included on the album "All About Bullies Big and Small" which won the 2012 Grammy award for best Children's album

Matt and C.B.'s recording studio was named best studio in Austin by the Austin Music Industry Awards.

In 2015 Blue October was inducted into the Hard Rock Wall of Fame in Las Vegas.

43. Where can I find lyrics to {song title}?

http://www.blueoctoberlyrics.net courtesy of Jordy and AggiePhil. Also the Crazy Making book contains lyrics for songs from all the albums.

44. Where can I find sheet music or guitar tabs to {song title}?
Blue October has not published the sheet music to their songs, but guitar tabs to some songs are available at this page:
http://www.phildorsett.com/sounds.html courtesy of AggiePhil. If you have tabbed out other Blue October songs or would like to, please post your tabs on the message board. Also MikeyB88 has posted instructional videos for playing some Blue October songs at: http://www.youtube.com/user/cuda4401971
and you may also be interested in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A35Re7UFRhc

45. What does Justin sing at the end of "Somebody" on the Argue With a Tree album? It sounds like "Rabbasab".

Wrap us up.

46. What is the significance of the number 14 in Blue October's songs? (14 angels, 14 million miles away from sane, Like 14 miles away, Normal 14, Gate 14)

14 refers to the age at which Justin started writing songs and set out to be a musician.

47. I found Blue October albums called "Believe", "Incoming", "Stranded", "Free", "Mistakes", "One Day Silver One Day Gold", and "Preaching Lies To The Righeous", and "Walk Amongst the Living" I've also seen the website www.blueoctober.co.uk Is this the same band?

No, there is also a band called Blue October from England, it is a completely different band.

48. Has Blue October played any cover songs?

Blue October covered "The Promise" by When in Rome at a concert in Omaha, Nebraska. Justin Furstenfeld and Joseph King also sang "The Promise" as a duet at a 5591 show in Austin in 2004. Justin has performed "The Promise" at his solo shows and has also performed it with C.B. "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush was covered by Blue October as a tag to their song "Congratulations" towards the end of the tour in 2004. Justin sang "Silent Night" at a 5591 show on Christmas 2002. Justin also covered "Amarillo by Morning" written by Paul Fraser and Terry Stafford and has covered "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh. Ryan has played "Star Spangled Banner" by F.S. Key (on violin) and "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by The Charlie Daniels Band (on violin and vocals) during Blue October concerts. Justin sang Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" with Sponge. In 2000 Blue October also covered the song "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure. On October 10, 2007 Justin sang The Star Spangled Banner at an NHL Hockey game in Saint Louis, and he sang the song again on December 9, 2007 at an NFL football game in Houston. Justin also recorded demos of the songs "Story of an Artist" and "I'm Nervous" (both written by Daniel Johnston) in early 2008. Justin also joined Matthew Mayfield to sing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.

49. The "Hate Me" video suggests that Justin and Jeremy's mom has died (the tombstone even has her name on it). Is this true?

She is alive, and the woman portraying Justin and Jeremy's mom in the video is actually Justin and Jeremy's mom. The narrative about her dying was done for the video and is not real.

50. What bands have Blue October opened for?

Here's a list of a few of them:

30 Seconds to Mars
Ben Folds
Better Than Ezra
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Bowling for Soup
Barenaked Ladies
Caroline's Spine
Cheap Trick
Concrete Blonde
David Cook
Edwin McCain
Lenny Kravitz
Sister Hazel
Social Distortion
Stone Temple Pilots
The Rolling Stones
Vertical Horizon
Violent Femmes

They have also played festivals with such bands as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Flaming Lips, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse, Jane's Addiction, Ben Harper, Matchbox 20 and Dave Matthew's Band

more below

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 11:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice job Keiv. I agree that an FAQ with that info is a great idea.

One thing I would add is their views on using free download sites.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I guess there's no point for an FAQ section, now is there? lol

Nice job, Keiv! Very Happy
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No one, and I mean, no one... should hit the quote button.

Excellent work Keiv!
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51. How do I sign up for the mailing list?

go here: http://blueoctoberband.fanbridge.com

52. How can I help the band?

Request their songs on the radio. Instructions are at http://www.tinyurl.com/blueoctoberradio
For most stations request can be made online and don't require a phone call. It only takes a few seconds but helps the band a lot.

53. Where can I get official Blue October t-shirts, posters, stickers and other merchandise?


54. What is meet and greet?

This is what is involved if you buy a meet and greet ticket:


You need to arrive at the venue at the time stated on the website where you bought the tickets. Have the ID of the person who bought the tickets. Your name will be on a list that the tour manager has.

The tour manager will pass out wristbands or badges to the people who will be in the meet and greet.

You'll line up and be escorted inside the venue.

No photos or videos or audio recording is allowed. You are there to observe, not document.

The band will play a soundcheck in order to allow the sound engineer to tune the room. They typically play 2 or 3 songs. Sometimes when the band is in the process of working on new songs, they will play new songs that nobody has ever heard before. They typically play at least one loud song and one quiet song in order to tune to the acoustics of the room. Often times they'll play an entire song instrumentally with no vocals. It just depends at what point the band is at in the tour, what the setlist is, whether they are rehearsing/writing new material, etc which songs they play. I've seen them play soundchecks (at outdoor venues which are more difficult to tune) which can go on for five songs or so and they're all totally new songs that nobody has heard before. Sometimes they'll play the same song more than once, especially if there is a song they're adding to the setlist and they are still rehearsing it. Minimum is two songs.

After the soundcheck, the meet and greet people will line up to get an item autographed by the band. You'll be given a poster. If you have other items you want autographed, you need to bring them in with you when you arrive at the venue. It is totally ok to bring vinyl album covers, cds, posters, photos, guitars, violins, etc to get autographed. Be reasonable though. Don't bring in a pile of items. One or two items should be okay.

After the signing, you'll line up to get a photo taken with the band. The tour manager or tour photographer will take the photo, and the photos will be available at blueoctober.com to download within a few days.

After the photos, it *may* be possible to stand around and talk for a few minutes, but again this just depends on the schedule for the day.

The meet and greet is typically very structured and scheduled for a certain block of time. If it goes by fast and there is extra time, you may be able to chat with the band. If it takes a long time to get through the photos and signing, there might not be any time left for chit chat.

Don't expect the meet and greet to be like a party where people get to stand around and chat with the band at length. It is basically a chance to see the soundcheck, get an item autographed, and get a photo with the band and shake their hand. Back when the band played in bars and the crowds were smaller, they'd hang out for hours and talk to all their fans who wanted to hang out. Playing larger venues and with more fans wanting a photo or an item signed or to give the band a gift, the band simply does not have time to accommodate everyone, so they came up with the meet and greet idea.

Typically most of the band members can also be found after the show in a bar near the venue or by the tour bus. How much time they have to hang out depends on if they have a show the next day, whether they're driving or flying, how tired they are, how far into the tour they are, how early they have to leave, whether they're spending the night in that city or driving through the night, if they have family with them, etc. On the last day of a tour, or if they have a day off the next day, they can usually chill for awhile. if they have to load out of the venue and then hit the road immediately, they won't have as much time.

After the meet and greet, the people with meet and greet wristbands/badges will be let back into the venue before the general line. Having a meet and greet wristband does not automatically get you into the actual concert - you still need a ticket for the show.

Meet and Greet slots are typically limited to 100, so if you want to attend the meet and greet for the show in your city, do not delay getting your tickets, as they typically sell out very fast. They can be purchased on the tour page at blueoctober.com
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/applause, standing ovation even

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YOU DA MAN! Very Happy
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Alski also rocked the tambourine during Italian Radio at the most recent Dallas show. Just to be super specific. Wink

And I'm a liner note reading nerd, but I seem to recall Matt's production name being "Not in the Face"?
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Very Happy Thank you, Keiv!
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Excellent job, Keiv! Thanks!
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Good stuff man.
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Nice job, man...

That will save a lot of typeidge for the noobs to the BOOB!!

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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great job Keiv.
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u continue to impress me...thanks..and great job!!
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Nice work, Keiv. That looks good.

The 11 words in James are:

"James, how I love to hate you, James you fucking prick."

//yes really
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